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adstring: notes

 samwise arrived in adstringendum on october the 15th, just at the tail end of the city's fourth year.
sam stands at around 3'4"; decidedly shorter and more stout then his fallohide master, and is fully proportionate to his height.
he and frodo live at the earthside home with hawke, in the southwest quarter of the city.
he arrived with his sword, his clothes and his pack, which holds various supplies: a limited supply of lembas, which sam largely saves for unfortunate chance, extra clothing, bedrolls, pots and pans, a small amount of rations, a hand-shovel, flint and tinder, thread and needle, his pipe, a pouch of nearly depleted pipeweed and various other supplies he left hobbiton with.
sam was 38 upon arrival, but as of this writing, he has passed his 39th birthday on April the Sixth, 2013. This also falls on the day of yestare, elvish for the first day and the date middle-earth celebrates a new year.
during loki's heartless invasion at the very end of the city's fourth year, sam was overwhelmed and killed trying to secure escape and safety for frodo. as a result, he lost the lady galadriel's gift of unbreakable elvish rope to the animus.
sam is a skilled gardener, and tends to the expansive gardens of bag end by trade. he plans to work with various other residents to build and raise a large garden in the city, and to help with growing food and medicine for public use.
 as a hobbit, sam follows a very different calendar then what most others might be accustomed to, complete with new names for the days of the week and the months of the year.
in june of the fourth year, the animus wreaked fresh havoc on the city by bringing back old events. sam experienced age regression regressed to toddlerhood from the morning of the 8th to the night of the 13th, and a touch of death on the night of the 14th, losing his sword to his dream.